Does Text Message Marketing Have A Future?

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Text message marketing is really hot right now, but is it becoming a thing of the past? Right now over 80% of Americans are glued to their cell phones, carrying them with them everywhere they go. As cell phone technology increases, people are using their cell phones for much more than just phone calls. Now, everybody’s getting into Smartphones and their fancy applications. Can text message marketing compete?

Smartphone apps are cool because there’s so much you can do with them. You’ve got almost unlimited options. Text messaging is simple. Although lots of people love their Smartphone apps and all they can do with them, simplicity is actually one of the strengths of SMS. It’s quick and direct, and for this reason, many marketers predict it will never go out of style.

Text message marketing can also be used with any type of phone. Because it’s a simple format, it doesn’t matter whether you have an ordinary cell phone or an iPhone, you can use SMS features. Mobile marketing to Smartphones still has some compatibility kinks to be worked out. One of the advantages of text message marketing is that it’s so easy to do successfully.

There’s also the older crowd to think about. While young, internet savvy people are buying Smartphones as soon as the latest ones come out, there will always be those of a certain age who are not so into using new technology. This is a huge number of people with lots of buying power. Text message marketing is a better way to reach them.

Another strength of text message marketing is its opt-in method for building a list. This lets people who are interested in your products or services sign up to receive deals or other messages through SMS from you. This helps to brand your business, stay in direct contact with your customers and track your ad campaigns. It’s more than just for giving them deals. With Smartphones, customers can find information they want quickly, but the opt-in list actually allows them to participate directly with your business.

Finally, text message marketing is incredibly versatile. You can so lots of things with just one simple program, such as sending out alerts, conducting polls, creating clubs, giving your customers coupons and vouchers, and offering unique information services. If you know a few basic techniques, you can do all of this very easily.

Text message marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. But it’s been around for about ten years and the “wow” factor has worn off. This means that it’s not quite as easy as it used to be to get and keep your customers’ attention. However, if you take the time to learn how to use text message marketing successfully, it’s a great tool for increasing customers and making sales.


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